2030 Awaits! 4 Ways To Nurture Your Kid To Become Future-Ready

2030 Awaits! 4 Ways To Nurture Your Kid To Become Future-Ready

Nowadays, kids are exposed to a world which is highly tech-dominated. This is a boon when we think of their overall growth and development, but on the hand, it could be tiring when we think of matching pace with the rapidly advancing world. Since as parents and teachers we are the ones mentoring them in their career, we should be aware of the various ways to nurture them to become future-ready.

Inculcate a culture of creativity.
While it is great to gain knowledge, understanding how to apply them in a million ways is the real deal. There are many books and resources which can overload them with information, but putting these valuable insights into some good use is the challenge.
To do: Foster an environment where kids can wield their creative thoughts to solve problems and bring out innovative solutions.

Encourage collaboration on the journey to success.
Since data and technology have been progressing, the number of innovative thinkers is also increasing. So instead of trying to struggle alone against fellow innovators, the best way to succeed is to partner with them and move higher. That’s why, it’s our duty to make kids feel comfortable with the idea of discussing ideas with others, even on the public forum.
To do: Encourage them to solve problems in groups, reflect on developing various ideas and come up with the best optimal solution (with consensus)

Expect to notice opportunities, anywhere and everywhere
Our surroundings are full of creative ideas – be it inside a classroom or while shopping in the market! A student might come up with a really great business idea or solution to a classroom problem anywhere, all they need is a nudge to explore new ideas.
To do: Encourage kids to bring out their passions and curiosities into lessons and discussions. Most importantly, include their inputs within the regular study syllabus.

Focus on creating more than consuming
The world is full of resources, and it’s only because there are people to create – be it online or offline! While kids are usually taught to consume only, allow them to use their unique skills to create as well.
To do: Encourage them to think out-of-the-box, and help them identify ways in which they can share their creations.

Every child deserves to be future-ready and prepared to make a mark in their lifetime. It all starts now! The age doesn’t matter, their willingness to learn is all that counts.

At Excelsior American School, we harbor a student-centric environment with a motto of ‘self-inspired learning’. We follow an international curriculum with Montessori Cambridge , IGCSE and IB programs – all of them modelled to nurture students to be self-motivated to learn and become leaders in society.

It’s time we empower the new generation to rise and soar!