5 Things We Must Learn from Children

5 Things We Must Learn from Children


Even though you would like to believe that elders help with grooming and shaping children’s personalities, there is more to it! If you look deeper, you will understand that, knowingly or unknowingly, there are infinite takeaways that we as adults can take from children.

This is why we, at Excelsior American School, positioned among the leading schools in Gurgaon, focus our attention on dialogues over and above monologues. We firmly believe that the former encourages a free flow of information and communication, which can be a game changer in two-way learning.

On that note, let us get to know the five things that we as adults can learn from children.

  • The Need for Curiosity:

Curiosity is the stepping-stone toward jaw-dropping discoveries and innovative initiatives. If you think, you will come to understand that as adults, we often find comfort with monotonous routines and thus don’t wish to look at anything from an out-of-the-box perspective.

Since most adults are stuck with doing the same thing repeatedly, they are often at a loss of curiosity. This is one area where children win hands-on. Children display a peculiar feeling of curiosity for the smallest of things. For instance, they may be passing on the road, and they hear a bird chirping. What follows is a string of curious questions where they are hell bound on gathering more information and getting to know more about the bird.

Contrary to this, as adults, we will not even notice the chirping bird, let alone feel curious about gathering additional information. Only if we realize that curiosity can take us miles, will we be able to mimic this trait that is common among all children.

  • The Ability to be Fearless:

As parents, one thing you must have often wondered is how well-equipped children are to deal with the emotion of fear. For that matter, a question arises, whether children ever experience fear of any kind.

Let us say as an adult, we need to jump from a great height. The first thing to cross our mind is about us having a fall or hurting ourselves badly. This is not even a remote thought in the case of children. Their complete focus is on the thrill element the jump will attract.

At Excelsior American School, one of the most trusted schools in Gurgaon, we encourage both teachers and parents to pick this trait from children and learn to keep fear miles away from themselves.

  • The Freedom to Display Emotions:

If we as adults had to display our emotions, it is quite natural for us to go back and forth on the same. If we are feeling sad and upset, we do not find the comfort to open up and share our vulnerabilities. Likewise, if we are happy, it becomes difficult for us to express happiness to the fullest.

This is where we can learn a lot from children. For that matter, children are so good with their emotions that they do not find it difficult to either display sadness when upset or be the happiest when content. What could be a greater fulfillment than owning up to one’s emotions?

  • The Ease of Getting Along:

Have you observed how easy it is for children to get along with other people, especially other children their age? This is something that we as adults face a certain level of hesitance with. If we had to go and strike a conversation with a stranger, we are sure to be flooded with multiple positive and negative thoughts before we go all in with the conversation.

This is something that isn’t a problem in the case of children, who are more than willing and excited to make new friends and get to know new people in general.

  • The Belief in Possibilities:

As adults, we are bound to think within the four walls within which we usually function. If we are caught in a tough situation, it becomes difficult for us to believe that we will find a way and ultimately get ourselves out of the said situation. The reason why we have trouble holding a strong belief is primarily because we haven’t yet made peace with the idea of how wide the ocean of possibilities is.

On the other hand, children can think of multiple possibilities in every situation, a one-of-its-kind trait that we as adults should certainly imbibe from children.


No matter how much more skilled, learned, or disciplined we, the adults, are in comparison to our children. The fact remains that when it comes to leading life, there is a lot we must learn from our kids. That’s because as an adult, you might have hundreds of reasons to worry about, but if you look at your little one, you will see that they don’t need even a single reason to smile and be happy. This is why we, at Excelsior American School, ranked among the best schools in Gurgaon, always emphasize the fact that when it comes to the way of leading life, believe it or not, in the strangest ways, children are, indeed, the best teachers for adults!