5 Tips for Calm Parenting

5 Tips for Calm Parenting

“When life is stressful, our kids watch us for cues. When we keep calm amid chaos, we teach our kids they can, too.”

Parenting is one of those tasks that are easier said than done. That’s primarily because parenting and keeping oneself calm often turn out to be contradictory. Parenting is way above raising children; it requires rigorous multi-tasking and keeps you ‘on your toes’ for years together. At Excelsior American School, one of the top schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that parents are not just the guardians of children; they are their role models and play a vital role in the growth and development of their kids. In fact, parents are also the child’s first teachers, and thus, it is very important that they remain involved in every aspect of learning and development of their children.

Seeing the parents’ effort in offering the best to their children, we thought of sharing some tips for calm parenting, which we believe will be a handy tool for parents to strengthen the bond of love, affection, and openness between them and their children.

Let’s Explore Calm Parenting

Calm Parenting is a technique where parents positively influence their children by handling their emotions in a positive way. This is where the parents focus on making themselves respond rather than react while handling situations with their children. This way of parenting is especially effective for parents in making them gain trust from their children, creating willingness in them to follow your advice, remodeling their behavior, and expressing emotions calmly. This parenting technique may also be termed Peaceful Parenting or Mindful Parenting.

Calm parenting focuses on having a 3-way approach where you regulate your emotions as a parent, establish better connectivity and bonding with your children, and shift your approach towards children from commanding to coaching.

Now, let’s focus on some of the practical and doable tips for Calm Parenting:

TIP#1. Living in the Moment

An awesome practice to cast off the fears of tomorrow is to live in the present moment, fully alive and worry-free. This temporarily removes the pressure of what will happen if the child doesn’t learn right now.

Under the pressure of fear of imperfect upbringing and its repercussions, parents often tend to forget that this is not the only opportunity and that learning is a lifetime process. Rather, the fact is that major learning happens through non-verbal cues and practical behavior exhibited by you as parents!

TIP#2. Choosing between Reaction and Response

We all know that amidst a situation, it is easy and natural to react and too difficult to respond with calm. However, the benefits of choosing response over reaction never go unnoticed. When you make it clear to yourselves that your reactions will not ensure the desired effect on your child, you will have a stronger say and control over your reaction. With this clarity, making the right choice becomes easier and wiser.

TIP#3. Reduced Overstimulation and Overscheduling

The world is overstimulated for a child with too many choices for basic needs. And then there is overscheduling from parents for their lives. This together affects the brain development and social stimulus of a child. Let the child explore social communities with reduced anxiety.

TIP#4. Eye Connect with Children

An old proverb holds true eternally, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Eye contact helps you read their unsaid, unexpressed emotions. Other than reading the impact of your communication, you can also discipline the child without a verbal command.

TIP#5. Together Quality Time

Spending quality time with children does not always need to be a long time at one shot. A small hug, a warm goodbye, and sometimes talking about old memories of learning can teach children indirectly.


At Excelsior American School, ranked among the top schools in Gurgaon, we understand that parenting is indeed a challenging task and a pretty big responsibility. However, at the same time, we can’t ignore the fact that parenting is meant to be cherished to the core. After all, your children aren’t going to depend on your for their needs and wants all through life.

Today, they might be asking you to feed them their lunch by your hands and might be reverting with an angry look because you have lots of other tasks to be done. However, if you see, once they are grown up, they are not going to ask for such favors from you. So, be calm, take time out for them, try and understand their unsaid emotions, and let them know they can count on you as their pillar of support. Make sure your calm is restored while parenting your children, and we can assure you that your kids will grow up into happy, empathetic, and responsible individuals you can be truly proud of!