Excelsior is Excelling

At Excelsior, we give our best to our students. In return, our students always make us proud.

  • Highest individual score in School – 44
  • 100% Pass Percentage in Diploma and Course

Admissions offered to our 2020 Batch students from these prestigious universities:

  1. University of Warwick – The United Kingdom
  2. University of Edinburgh – The United Kingdom
  3. The University of Leeds – The United Kingdom
  4. Cardiff University – The United Kingdom
  5. University of Westminster – The United Kingdom
  6. University of Sheffield – The United Kingdom
  7. Brunel University – The United Kingdom
  8. The University of Maryland – The United States of America
  9. Penn State University – The United States of America
  10. University of Michigan – The United States of America
  11. University of Queensland – Australia
  12. University of Groningen – The Netherlands
  13. Erasmus University – The Netherlands
  14. KREA University – India
  15. Flame University – India
  16. Christ University – India


Our Vice Principal, Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur recently sharpened her learning skills through teaching in SAIBSA. She was handpicked as co- facilitator for TOK(new) session at SAIBSA jobs alike sessions.