School Fees

A printed copy of the school fees structure may be found in the school office.

Registration Fees

At the time of admission, a registration fee must be paid. If applying online, the same may be sent along with the form through our online payment gateway. Following is the registration fees for Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals respectively:

  • Resident Indians: Rs 5400
  • Foreign Nationals: $105


Tuition Fees

The tuition fee varies as per the grade applied for and is to be paid quarterly for Indian national students. The fee covers tuition charges, sports, extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


Annual Fees

The annual fees payable at the beginning of every year covers meals and library, laboratories, afternoon sports, first set of notebooks and standard stationery expenditure. Subsequent issuing of stationery and notebooks to students will be chargeable.

The annual fee does not include uniforms, textbooks, annual camps, additional language support, after-school sports activities, college applications, individual projects and portfolios in visual arts/ sciences, personal allowance, insurance, medical expenses incurred on campus, external examinations or transportation etc.


Learning Support and Additional Fees

If students require additional learning support, it may be chargeable exclusive of annual fees.


Transport Fees

Students using school transport will incur transport fees along with the tuition fee every quarter.


Special Discounts

Special discounts may be offered on tuition fees for students with siblings.


School Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students from Grade 6-12. Scholarships are based on merit and may be withdrawn subject to academic performance and student behaviour. Additionally, scholarships may also be provided to students who excel in sports.


School Albums

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