Are IB Schools Really Expensive? Know the Facts

Do you really want your child to join IB school? Does it really cost that much? We have been witnessing great demand for IB schools in Delhi and NCR but the fee structure is often expensive sometimes. These days, parents need to struggle a lot for their child’s education and to make the right financial planning and investment to figure out how much they have covered. In this article, we will discuss whether IB schools charge high.

Which curriculum is ideal for your child? Is IB education expensive in Tier 1 cities? These are some of the topics of discussions. Along with metro cities, other cities like Raipur, Indore, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Surat, and others also have IB schools.

What is IB Education?

The International Baccalaureate or IB is a question-based curriculum which is based on developing globally like-minded individuals and global leaders. It teaches students to be responsible for their own learning. It helps them to consider insights of others on them, ask right questions, and reflect on the decision making process.

Why is the IB curriculum expensive?

It is not true. All IB schools are not expensive at all. There are several IB schools in India which charge somewhere around Rs. 35k to Rs. 60k per month. Some even charge around Rs. 10k per month in cities like Indore for IB, PYP, and MYP diploma.

Almost all parents, students and counselors agree to the fact that IB curriculum offers better learning experiences. However, there are many reasons why IB is considered more expensive than other educational programs. IB schools are growing rapidly across India. Hence, counselors suggest parents to choose schools with proper track record in placements and offering programmes.

A lot of international schools have made their way to ensure success for students across the world. International Baccalaureate or IB is one of the most acclaimed methods of learning. It is a completely different board from traditional approaches used by age-old schools with limited learning and teaching styles. Hence, it is important to choose IB schools based on their experience, academic excellence, and track record.