Daily Affirmations You Must Practice With Your Child

Daily Affirmations You Must Practice With Your Child

As a learned individual, you must know that the power of positivity and optimistic thoughts is much higher than evil, negative, and discouraging words, thoughts, and actions. However, if you sit to analyze, you will see how most of us are conditioned in such a manner that we become bound to using words of negation like “no,” “never,” and “don’t” a little too often.

Children are no exception. However, where does this come from? Many times, this has to do with the kind of words the immediate adults, like parents, use. To avoid this from happening on a loop, it is vital for parents and children to collectively move towards practicing daily affirmations.

For those of you who are unaware, affirmations are essentially statements one recites out loud or in one’s mind only to pump oneself up. Something very generic, like “I am worthy!” to something more specific, like “I am going to secure Grade A in the Math exam!” all count as affirmations.

In the beginning, children may display friction towards reciting these affirmations. However, all it takes is to get into the habit of affirming, something we at Excelsior American School, a renowned international school in Gurgaon, continuously stress on.

Positive Affirmations are Immensely Powerful

As it’s said, one negative thought kills thousands of positive thoughts. However, you must also know that one positive thought can also help create a chain of many more positive thoughts. If you wish to be a part of the second category of thought process, positive affirmations are a good place to start from.

As parents, you need to remind your children that every time they feel low or out of place, instead of diverting their energy towards negative thoughts, they should immediately start affirming something on the lines of

  • I feel so good today
  • Today is the best day of my life
  • I feel incredibly blessed and loved
  • Today and every day, everything is working out for me

Once children get into the practice of affirming, it is not long before they start finding it easy to get out of challenging situations. As one of the leading international schools in Gurgaon, we at the Excelsior American School always try to educate our pupils about how life-changing affirmations can be so that every time they feel they are at a loss of direction, they know that all that they have to do is start affirming and things will soon fall in place.

Positive Affirmations Have the Power to Empower & Motivate

It is impossible for you as a parent to be by your child’s side at all times. This means your child is sure to encounter situations wherein he/she might experience that undesirable sinking feeling.

Every time this happens, instead of getting scared, if your child decides to affirm, it is not long before your child starts feeling empowered once again and becomes capable of tackling all the ups and downs.

Don’t be surprised to see your child walk towards you and express how helpful affirmations have been and how practicing affirmations have helped the child feel good inside out.

Owing to the same, we at the Excelsior American School have made it a practice to take out time aside only to introduce the concept of affirmations to children and make them understand that anything is possible in life.

Final Words:

At Excelsior American School, positioned among the best international schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that it is always good to teach children new things early on. Affirmations are no exception. Today, through this article, we would like to urge our respectable parent community to try and make children understand that there is nothing to lose by trying positive affirmations to self. They have nothing to lose here, and instead, only good is going to come out of this practice.

In fact, the best part about accustoming children to daily affirmations is that when they grow up and move out of the horizons of their school or college, only to go out and face the big world, they will not feel scared or confused because by then, they would know deep down their heart that giving positive affirmations to self has the potential to set everything right.

So, make it a point to teach your kids the power of practicing positive affirmations every day. Help them get into their routine. You will soon witness a boost in your child’s self-confidence and approach to life.