Eating etiquettes in children and why they are important

Eating etiquettes in children and why they are important

As parents and teachers, it is essential to teach our kids not only mindful and healthy eating habits but also proper grooming when it comes to dining etiquette. Some of the best IB schools in Gurgaon have a holistic approach when it comes to inculcating good eating manners in children. Good habits reflect good upbringing in kids. However, imbibing such manners is not just to make kids aware of the socially acceptable behaviour, but to instil in them the importance of showing respect and courtesy for the fellow diners. 

Learning manners take some time and hence should be practised at schools as well. Schools like Excelsior American School are creating structures and practices to reinforce good table manners amongst kids at an early age. But manners do begin at home! 

So, to help both parents and teachers, we have cooked up a few plans to ensure that your child will exhibit proper dining etiquettes whether at home or in school. 

The Beginner’s Table-Manner Rules: 

The basic table manner as a beginner is to make a child become a pleasant meal-time companion. The various ways which have been practised by some of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon are: 

· Kids should join others at the dining table for a few minutes even if the child is not hungry. 

· Meal-time means non-conversation time; as studies have found that talking between meals often reduce one’s appetite. 

· While at the table, it is important to make the children chew their food with their mouths closed. 

· A napkin is a must to save the kids during those times of spilling of food items that would make them untidy. 

· Most importantly a child should understand that food is for eating and not playing, whether at home or in one of the best IB schools in Gurgaon. 

The Golden Rule: 

The golden rule goes – lead by example! For this rule to become effective, it is highly advised that a family should eat together. When parents dine together, you can guide your kids on what and how things should be done in a dining table. Always appreciate the good behaviour of your child at the table. Remember, children follow what you do than what you say. 

At schools, teachers too can sit along with the students during lunch hours and guide them in better understanding of eating etiquettes. Excelsior American School is one of such schools who believe in the ‘preach and practice’ policy, as this school knows that children are good imitators. 

Every Child is Different: Understanding the Other Way Round 

Toddlers: When it comes to toddlers, they need the rules be repeated again and again. From the moment they start eating solids, make sure that they sit and eat in the dining table. You may also wash their hands before meal-times. Gradually, they get habituated to do so as they grow up. Avoiding bad behaviour such as throwing tantrums at the dining table should be taught at this early age. 

Pre-Schoolers: Even they are prone to throwing tantrums and are fussy eaters. So, when it’s about the best way to inculcate good table manners in preschoolers, there are some of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon as well as in Delhi that goes for age-appropriate eating etiquettes. They understand the importance of ‘encourage and praise’ for a kindergartener. These little ones need appreciation for behaving well and need cue when they go wrong. 

Kids: Kids understand the rules and know that manners are important. When it comes to the table manners, schools like Excelsior American School guide the kid right from the proper use of cutlery, serving and passing of food to having pleasant conversations at the dining table. Even though they are matured than the other two groups, you can’t expect them to be perfect. 

The Final Checklist: 

· Children should wash their hands before and after every meal. 

· A child should never be without a napkin. 

· Kids should learn to take small bites and not stuff their mouth. 

· Mouth should be closed while chewing the food. 

· Develop the habit of asking their table companions to pass any food item. 

· Complaining of food is very inappropriate. 

· When a child finishes the meal, encourage him to ask to be excused. 

· And lastly, children should learn to be thankful for the food. 

Good table manners are always appreciated. Hence, to conclude, parents need to be patient as these little fellows are just kids in the path of exploration. Also, parents and teachers, not just from the best IB schools in Gurgaon but across other cities need to be the role models to bring out the best in every child; whether in behaviour or in academics.