Healthy Habits To Prepare Yourself For An Effective School Year

Healthy Habits To Prepare Yourself For An Effective School Year

Confucious, an influential Chinese philosopher once said, “nature of men is always the same, it is their habits that separate them.”  As a parent, it becomes our responsibility to teach habits to our children that not only guide them in facing the world but also enables them to stand out among the rest. The vacations act as a perfect opportunity to guide them with habits that can help becoming better versions of themselves! 

Here’s Excelsior’s list of holiday habits for students to keep in mind and carry into the next semester!

Set Goals

Every minute spent organising, earns you an hour! Teach your children how to stay organised and you’ll unknowingly help them in the long run. A few days before school, ask your child to make use of pen and paper and write down a list of accomplishments for the coming semester. These goals can be social, intellectual or physical! By presetting goals, students gain the ability to come back into the new semester prepared, mentally and emotionally. In turn, this will enable them to focus on their long term goals and manage time with minimal distractions, effectively.


Meditation is the best cure to find inner peace. Creating a sense of peace and stillness is nothing short of a challenge and anyone who has tried for over a minute knows how challenging that task can be! Meditation will teach your child to stay calm, attentive and present in the moment, increasing their focus and retainability.

Eat Healthily, Sleep Early

Regular healthy meals and sleeping early can help students find a fast track to feeling better on a daily basis. The conventional healthy habit of eating healthy and sleeping on time is quite underrated. This is as although such few follow it diligently, it can improve memory, bring up energy levels, provide a sense of calmness and even brighten up their mood! An eight and a half hours schedule of sleep is vital to help students in concentrating better and feeling active throughout the day! So, following this habit becomes crucial to effectively cope up with the following school years!

While a student returns to school after an extended break, he/she might be filled with dread and anxiety. As a parent, it is important for you to advise and guide them with certain habits that can ease your child’s apprehensions and make school-time fun and an absolute breeze!