What Excelsiorites Love About Excelsior!

What Excelsiorites Love About Excelsior!

I woke up this one fine morning to the sound of my mom calling out my name. The monotony of hearing my mom shout at me to clean my room was getting to me. But then I suddenly checked my calendar and realised that this morning was different! The next semester was around the corner! I felt rejuvenated. Excitement coursed through my veins. I nostalgically dreamt back to my last semester at Excelsior American School; The neat and clean uniform, new books and subjects, and of course, my friends and teachers! It’s like a home away from home! Here, the teachers are like parents, who help students grow and friends are like siblings who constantly test and motivate one another. There are so many reasons why I can’t wait to go back to school! Why, you ask?

Here are a few reasons why Excelsiorites are always excited to come back to school for another memorable year!

Individualised Attention

Every student is unique in his/her own way! At Excelsior, every student is thoroughly evaluated and personally guided through a self-paced curriculum. Thanks to this, students are able to progress at their own pace without being bothered by competition. This effectively minimises stress and allows students to overcome hurdles at their own pace. With this thought in mind, Excelsior brings out the best in each student! 

Mouth Watering Meals

Excelsior is the best place to have home-like food (after home itself of course!) that is healthy and toothsome! Here, hot lunches are also planned to provide good nourishment and develop healthy eating habits from a younger age. Nutritious snacks are served several times a day!

Trend Setting Playground

Playground and sports complex are every student’s favourite place in school. Excelsior provides one of the best outdoor playgrounds, filled to the brim with state-of-the-art equipment, effectively fulfilling the importance of physical exercise along with a healthy dose of fun! Including team building sports activities such as lawn tennis, basketball and featuring a fully air-conditioned indoor sports complex!

Excelsior is a place where students are inspired to generate a feeling of love for learning! Every year, there’s something new happening at Excelsior as we make strides to improve learning and by inspiring students to bring out the best in them for what they’re passionate about. That is why, at Excelsior, students can’t wait to go back to school!