Preparing Yourself: Why Orientation Programs Are Vital For a New Beginning

Preparing Yourself: Why Orientation Programs Are Vital For a New Beginning

They’ll pay the airfare, they’ll go into debt to attend parent orientation if they have to. They’re worriers. They say, ‘I need to go. I need to see what it’s like. I want to hear what they have to offer, what the security system is like, who’s the contact person if there’s a problem.’” says Natalie Caine, a parent counsellor in Los Angeles.

So then, why are Parent Orientation programs so vital. Read on to find out!

Orientation programmes are fantastic opportunities for parents to familiarise themselves with the curriculum and education program offered by the school. But not only that, parents can find the necessary solutions to their doubts and decide on standard operating procedures and contact points, when their child’s safety is in question. In any school or institute, parents must be approached as “partners in progress” when it comes to the child’s development. After all, the growth of the child is a joint responsibility between what is learned at home and at school. With events stretching from speeches and introduction by the principal to model classes and seminars, orientation programmes offer a profound insight into today’s school experiences that are hard pressed to be understood from afar. According to BostonGlobe, many parents find orientation sessions to be worthwhile. So what makes an orientation session so useful?

Plethora Of Information

During orientation sessions, important pieces of information like financial aid, technology and computer needs, student life, health services, school safety, meal plans, academic requirements and many more are addressed. Such initiatives, therefore, assist in providing a horde of information to the parents. Furthermore, it is reassuring for parents when they can trust that their child’s needs and safety will be taken care of at the school.

Productive School Tours

Orientation sessions enable parents to explore the school campus and often includes tours. This allows them to generate an understanding of the school culture as well as the physical campus itself. Such steps make it easier to understand what lies ahead and in the coming years. Now you can envision how your student’s school life will look like!

Meeting Other Parents

Orientation programmes also act as an opportunity to allow parents to connect with other parents. This enables a community-like feeling and increases the potential for long-lasting relationships among parents and teachers. While engaging in school tours and orientation sessions, parents may meet other like-minded parents with similar dilemmas and concerns. At Excelsior, organised orientation events allow parents and teachers to discuss pressing matters regarding child upbringing and education. Such as Excelsior’s “Coffee Mornings” that enabled parents and teachers to do so over a hot cup of coffee! What can possibly be better than having a productive discussion with like-minded parents over a morning coffee every weekend?

Personal Interaction Opportunities

Nothing satisfies parents more than the knowledge that their child is in safe hands. So, after every orientation session, parents are allowed to interact and ask questions from faculty and staff. This not only satisfies their inquiries but also provides a glimpse of the school facilities. This interaction assists in bringing nervous parents relief and also educates them on how to help their child adjust to the transition.

Conversing With Students

A major advantage of orientation sessions is that parents can also interact with other students on the campus. Certain questions and doubts are best clarified by a student perspective. With this in mind, most schools give older students responsibilities and assisting roles during orientation sessions to help parents get a different perspective if so needed. As we all understand, few will enable your child as much as his or her peers!  

The decision to attend orientation is a vital one considering that there should be a level of understanding and teamwork between parents and teachers. Remember, “a parent is a teacher at home, a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe”.  Fruitful sessions like these are sincere efforts made by the school for parents to look after and guide their children in the most productive manner. So, take a step forward towards this shared commitment along with the school and come together as we take forward your child’s growth! All the best!