Each One Plant One

Each One Plant One

For most Excelsiorites, summer marks a clear change of rhythm! Whether it’s travelling or just kicking back and relaxing, this is the time for students to have fun! During the holidays, whether it is parents or students, we all are SO much more relaxed. This gives us (and especially students) the freedom to be creative and focus on activities and habits that make us better versions of ourselves. But the problem? Rarely do we do! We are so focused on relaxing and being lazy, that we end up spending the entirety of our holidays this way. Then in the final weeks, we rush to get back into gear and get back into the grind.

‘Each one plant one’ is a popular saying. But this World Environment Day let’s address if whether we actually do? The famous saying urges everyone to plant at least one tree in our lifetime. It is said that if every human being planted at least one tree, and if our planet had as many trees as it had people, the environment wouldn’t be quite as unstable as it is today.

To put things in perspective, the damage to our Ozone Layer, which makes Earth a habitable planet that it is, wouldn’t be quite as big or threatening as it is today! Respecting our environment and nature is extremely important if we want planet Earth and our future generations to survive. So, while everyone grumbles about pollution, we Excelsiorites, and others like us must take the initiative.

“What can we do?” you ask. The answer is plenty.

Don’t Litter

Imagine this: You’re in a car, munching down a packet of chips. You chomp down the last wafer, roll down your window and throw its packet out of the window.”

Golden rule no.1: Don’t litter! It is essential that we must follow this rule and set an example for others. If something must be discarded, simply keep it until the chance arises that it can be thrown in a garbage bin. Take pride in your surroundings, and your ability to affect change around you.

Save Paper

It is a fact that paper comes from pulp extracted by cutting down trees. So do not waste it. In fact, the less we use paper the better. And in today’s digital age that is even more possible than before. Remember that every piece of paper can be recycled, no matter how small. So recycle paper!

Separate Your Garbage

Ensure a separation between dry garbage and kitchen waste. There is a reason street corners have two separate bins, for material that needs to be disposed of and materials that may be recycled. A disposal system is in place, that disposes of this garbage accordingly. However, a large amount of time is spent segregating this garbage. So educate yourself, and ensure segregation early in the process.

Indulge in Newspaper Collecting Drives

Newspaper Collection Drives can be organised on an NGO, school or even personal level by you and your friends. NGOs usually conduct annual and bi-monthly drives, and such drives also take place in your very own Excelsior American School! So ensure you participate to do your bit. These collected newspapers are given to Recycling companies, that reuse and recycle this paper.

Plant A Tree

Or simply, you can always do a great service to your planet, and plant a tree!