How Should Your Child Be Nurtured To Face 21st Century Challenges

How Should Your Child Be Nurtured To Face 21st Century Challenges

Learning can be super fun or extremely tiresome depending on your approach to studying. You can grasp knowledge, retain it effectively and apply it well only when you are self-motivated to dive deep and gain information. But, some wise strategies can give you that spark to learn and soak in knowledge. 

Learn in spaced out time intervals
Though studying just before the exam might seem like a smart option to remember everything, but after a few weeks, you might not retain even half of it. That’s why researchers talk about the concept of ‘spiraling’ –  wherein you should learn in small chunks over a period of time. Though you might feel that you forget immediately when you revise it later, the brain recollects and retains it more effectively.

Practice to remember
The best way to memorize important facts is by practicing it on paper or teaching someone else. The more you do it, the information you already know will resurface in your mind. Plus, you will understand how to apply it.

Detail out the concepts
Elaborate your information by digging deep into available offline and online resources. Post that, ask yourself some open-ended questions about the concepts, answer in detail as much as possible, then check the study resources to make sure that your understanding is correct.

Use words and visuals to memorize.
Correlate your subject matter to something you already know of – could be a graph or infographic or even your favorite cartoon! The idea is to imagine concepts in a way that it helps your brain process it easily, thus helping you retain it well. So when you are studying, make it a habit to pay attention to those visuals and link them to the text by explaining what they mean in your own words.

Use detailed examples to understand concepts.
Try to always learn by using apt examples. Search on Google News using the concept’s related keywords, you will find live stories pertaining to the same. This will help you understand concepts on the basis of stories. You can even come up with your own examples to understand abstract theories, it will establish your understanding in a more concrete manner.