Independence Day: Channeling Patriotism For A Better India

Independence Day: Channeling Patriotism For A Better India

There was a time when August 15 was an exceptional day. Waking up early and preparing ourselves for the flag hoisting ceremony used to fill our hearts with enthusiasm on a different level. From playing patriotic songs to talking about freedom struggles, the fervour of patriotism would ignite everywhere; in schools to peers and amongst students. 

However, come present-day and Independence Day is just another national holiday to relax and complete unfinished businesses. No more does it stir a sense of patriotism in us and that must change. As India enters the 73rd year of being an independent country, we must put our hearts and minds together as we utilise this day to do our personal bit for the betterment of the country.

Here are some things we can accomplish as we channel our patriotism and redefine “Independence Day celebration” for a better India:

Cleaning Surroundings

Charity begins at home and what’s better than starting with your own community? Whether it’s picking up trash, installing proper dustbins, clearing construction waste or fixing leakages; we can unite our country starting from our fight against garbage this year!

We should take inspiration from the example of India Hikes’ initiative, the Green Trails Mission, where volunteers come together spontaneously, for the betterment of nature.  Every month, staff and trekkers join hands with the locals to clean the hill trails and bring down several tonnes of waste from the mountains. So you see? Even your love of the hills can help make our country a better place! 

Protecting Wildlife

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.” We are already aware of the plight animals live in. So, we can protect our four-legged friends from illegal practices or from lack of concern and give them the freedom they deserve. Adopt a pet or provide shelter to stray animals for a start. This will not only help them but the safety of those who live around you. SPCA actively helps residential associations, and have compounds where local stray dogs and animals are given a safe space. Contact your local representatives to see what drives you can initiate amongst your friends in your residential areas.

Planting Trees

The famous saying, “each one, plant one” urges us to plant at least one tree in our lifetime and this is our perfect chance. All we need to do is plant a sapling or a bunch of bushes and water the plant as and when required. One seedling per person in a neighbourhood can create wonders in our country. What’s better than living in a green environment where pollution is no more the norm? 

So, plant a sapling in your neighbourhood and contribute to making our country environmentally prosperous!

Feeding The Poor

Azhar Maqsusi, a social worker who started the ‘Do Roti’ campaign in Hyderabad says, “If you find someone poorer than you, who is in need of food, feed them. If every one of us shares meals, no one will have to sleep hungry.” Especially on Independence Day, it is our social prerogative to feed the poor! All we need to do is prepare a little extra food when preparing daily meals, like roti, vegetables etc and feed them. A small action such as that will make their days brighter and free them from hunger! 
Independence day is not just a holiday, it’s an opportunity to be our best selves! This can be possible only if we choose to stand together in solidarity and celebrate our patriotism by at the very least, doing some good for our country. So Indians, take the day in your stride, and be the best patriot that one can be! Happy Independence Day!