Kids Don’t Just Need Love, But Also Respect!

Kids Don’t Just Need Love, But Also Respect!

Every parent wishes the best for their children, in every way, big and small. Right from toys, education, and food, parents wish to give their children every single amenity, but in its premium form.

If you ask any parent about that one emotion they feel deeply towards their children, most parents will be quick to respond with “love.” No doubt, love is a beautiful emotion. However, what is equally important is Respect, something that most parents tend to often skip to think of unknowingly!

Just like you, the parents, crave both love and respect from your children, your kids also look for receiving both from you! However, what generally happens is that most people commit the mistake of weighing respect in terms of age. The fact is that respect is something every living being on this planet deserves, despite the age, gender, caste, creed, or any other factors that differentiate the various life forms on earth from each other. This is something that we, at Excelsior American School, one of the leading schools in Gurgaon, firmly believe in and keep reminding our teachers as well as the parent fraternity alike.

So today, in this article below, we will shed light on the various ways in which children can be made to feel both loved and respected. Read on carefully.

  • Adopt an inclusive approach

Knowingly or unknowingly, it often happens that parents end up dismissing children, especially if an important discussion is going on or a vital decision needs to be made. In the course of it, the children end up feeling excluded. Moreover, they may go on to think that their parents do not find the need to take their opinions, which might be viewed as a mark of disrespect.

Therefore, the focus should be on including children in every process that influences the child and the family as a whole. When you do that, your child will not be able to feel the love you carry for them but also the respect that they deserve.

  • Be a good listener

One of the best ways to make your child feel respected is by being a good listener. Every day after school, your child may want to sit down with you and tell you stories about his day or something interesting that he may have done on that particular day.

Now, if you choose to be inattentive towards your child, he will not just lose interest in speaking to you but will also feel left out and disrespected. Prevent such a thing from happening by working on your listening skills!

  • Ask for a helping hand

Children are keen observers. It does not take them much time to realize that their parents may need their help. Their soft nature will make them approach you to offer help. When this happens, do not commit the mistake of making statements like “You are too young to understand this!” or “You stay out of this or else you will ruin this!” This will possibly lower your child’s confidence and self-worth. Instead, do not hesitate to ask for your child’s help wherever possible, be it for packing your office bag or setting up the dinner table. The little helper is sure to do a good job!

  • Allow space to operate

It is obvious for you as parents to be worried about your child in terms of his progress and betterment. As such, it is quite understandable if you get onto micromanaging your child. However, it is important for you to know that if you are the one doing that, you are basically taking away your child’s freedom and lowering down his creativity and capabilities. If you want your child to experience respect in its truest form, allow him the space he deserves.

  • Give and take respect

At Excelsior American School, positioned among the top schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that respect is a give and take process. If you don’t give respect to your children, there’s no point expecting the same from them. However, if you feel that despite being respectful towards your kids, they are somehow unable to grasp the true meaning of respect, we would like to suggest you to sit down and talk it out with your children. Make them understand what respect means. Let them know that only when they are respectful towards people in general, will they be able to achieve their goals and garner respect in return. Explain it to them with the help of some practical examples, and it will make it easier for them to understand this emotion.

In a nutshell…

For parents, it is a part of their being to shower love and blessings on their children. However, what may seem uncommon to many parents is to give respect to their children. Yes, it is definitely not that parents shy away from respecting children. The only thing is that most parents are unaware of the fact that they are unknowingly making their children feel disrespected. But worry not! Just try and incorporate the tips shared in this article above in your day today communication with your kids, and we, at Excelsior American School, are pretty much certain that putting the above habits into practice shall help largely!