Merits of Technological Integration in School Education

Merits of Technological Integration in School Education

When the entire world is benefiting from rampant technological advancement, why should schools be an exception? They absolutely should not! With the help of advanced EdTech tools and applications, learning for children has become more fun and engaging than ever before. Technology is no longer just a distraction for students, but it is now being used correctly to ensure that children with all types of learning needs make the most of it.

We at Excelsior American School, a well-known International School in Gurgaon, firmly believe that by correctly incorporating technological advancements within the classroom, students and teachers can enjoy immense benefits. Most advanced schools, including ours, have understood the need of the hour and are now incorporating technological integration into the curriculum to give the students all the support that they might require. At our school, we cover every aspect of technological integration in the modern educational framework and encourage our students to upskill themselves accordingly to pave their way to success.

Today, we will take you through how technological integration in schools has emerged as a great aid for school education. Let’s read on.

  • Teaching gets easier with technology

Technology enables a better stream of communication between teachers and students, and allows good peer-to-peer interaction as well. It creates an engaging environment and also encourages even the shy students to get engaged in the learning environment. Technology makes it both quicker as well easier to access information online and learn in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, with the help of technology, students can present their learnings in a better way, often with visual aids.

  • Enables learners to enjoy the entire learning process

In today’s digital world, most students have access to smartphones and love to scroll through different social media platforms to keep themselves entertained.

Study group on WhatsApp or any social media platform encourages students to study, and they even enjoy the process. Technological integration has combined play and learning together.

  • Technology helps keep track of your child’s learning

Keeping track and records of the academic progress of children becomes easier with the latest and advanced technology. Such technological tools is a great aid for both the parents and teachers to keep a record of how the children are faring in various subjects.

  • Helps protect the nature

Do you know the staggering number of trees that are cut every year to make papers that your child writes on? Technological integration in school education has helped reduce the need for paper and, thereby, helps save trees. Schools like ours are openly embracing technology and thus doing our bit to help reduce the use of paper to save the environment.

  • Easy and anytime access to information

Students no longer need to go to the library or turn pages of a book to search for particular information. They can just do a google search and find the complete information about a topic. Technology has made everything easy to access, and students can fetch any type of information with the help of technology.

  • Personalized teaching approach

Personalized lessons can be an effective way of teaching and training students, as it recognizes the unique capacities of students. At Excelsior American School, our teachers put extra effort into nurturing every student by taking their unique capacities into consideration.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every student. With technological integration, we help our students to learn at their own comfort and pace. The teachers also get to teach using different techniques and use various digital technology to help the students learn new concepts with utter ease.

  • Automated tasks

With technological aids, teachers can easily schedule tasks for students, and the students get automatically notified on time. Also, if students have completed their assignments and won’t be available on the submission time, they, too, can schedule their assignments.

Also, there’s a lesser chance that there will be mistakes. For instance, when your child is noting down their homework manually, there’s a chance that the child misses jotting everything down and might miss out on something important. But this problem can be completely sorted when a school makes use of technological integration.

All necessary information is shared by the teacher with the students through a digital platform or application, which leaves no scope for mistakes. This also ensures that submissions are made in a timely and organized fashion. The teacher does not have to constantly take updates, as everything is updated through the applications.

Wrapping Up

Hope this blog helped you to understand the benefits of technological integration in school education and how it can accelerate learning for children. The seamless and thoughtful environment of the classroom not only keeps the students more engaged but also helps them to have control over their learning. This is no doubt a great shift in school education, one that we at Excelsior American School, being one of the best international schools in Gurgaon, take very seriously!