Assessments are the initial step in determining which programs would be most beneficial to the person seeking our help. We do a variety of assessments based on the needs of the family of an individual with special needs.

Screening and Diagnostic Assessments, Functional Skills Assessments, and Occupational and Sensory Assessments are all available from the team.


‘Education’, is often connected to the education imparted at schools, colleges and so on. We often limit it to academics: learning to read, write, do math, the sciences and a number of other theoretical subjects. However when we use the word ‘education’ in connection with individual needs., we need to broaden our definition and look at it as more holistic and complete learning, one that aims at maximising the potential of an individual over a life span.

The focus of the teaching is multi-dimensional and encompasses all important skill areas like communication, social understanding, play and leisure, self-care routines amongst others.

The Educational Programs offered at Younique are the Early Intervention School Readiness Program, the Parent Child Training Program, and Individualised Educational Intervention.


The aim of the Social Communication Programmes offered at Younique is to intervene in these areas of difficulties experienced by children with Autism and other special needs so as to prepare them to lead more inclusive lives.

The Social Communication Program offered at YOUNIQUE covers Social Communication Group activities, Comprehensive & Advanced Language Class, and Social Skills Group Training.


Under this program, YOUNIQUE therapists work with families of special children and provide them the support they need to take care of children with special needs.


YOUNIQUE therapists are professionally trained to provide all kinds of therapies under one roof. Behaviour Management, Life Skill, Communication Therapy, Play Skills, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills, and much more to help your children blossom.


Younique provides a programme that focuses on helping the child ‘learn to learn’ by working on various school readiness skills and preparing the child for successful inclusion in the mainstream classroom.

The Social Skills Group Training Programme provides intensive training in social skills, communication, and language.

Individualised Educational Intervention, available for children who are already placed in mainstream schools, but may need additional support, including coping with mainstream academics.