The Art of Raising Children with Empathy & Emotion

The Art of Raising Children with Empathy & Emotion

We live in a world where the only sure-shot motto of success is collaboration. More precisely, one’s ability to join forces with others, not hesitate to step into other people’s shoes, optimize on every individual’s strengths, and work towards eliminating weaknesses. To make this a reality, it is important to introduce children to the world of empathy and emotions early on.

Emotional intelligence comes from sowing seeds of EQ and emotion-centric learning, something we at Excelsior American School, a renowned International School in Gurgaon, have been practicing from Day 1 of when a student gets admitted to our institution. Let us look further deep into this.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

If you are a well-read parent, you already know about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the corporate world. Irrespective of one’s gender, color, race, and culture, equal footing needs to be offered to every individual who desires to show up and contribute in any personal or professional space.

For students to be prepared to be welcoming towards this ideology, we at Excelsior American School make sure that empathy and emotions be brought into the picture so that children do not hesitate to put themselves in the opposite person’s shoes and give things a thought from their side.

Our base of well-trained faculty members makes it a point to support a cross-cultural environment where children collectively thrive not just momentarily but while keeping the bigger goals in mind. If children are kept aloof from the idea of expressing empathy and emotion, they will always prefer to operate in an isolated environment and be comfortable associating themselves only with a certain set of people. This would make it difficult for them to sustain themselves in a world that backs diversity and inclusion. Hence, there is nothing like inducing the art of empathy and emotion in children.

Seeds of Collaboration:

At Excelsior American School, we are invested in hosting a wide range of group activities, ranging from basics like sports to something more relevant and complex like a debate, impromptu, and role-play. When children are encouraged to participate in activities like this, they understand the vitality of collaboration to hit personal and group goals.

With collaboration comes the need to interact with and give a patient ear to a diverse set of opinions, viewpoints, expressions, and feedback. Amidst this, children automatically learn the value of empathy and strong emotional display to cross the bridge.

The best part here is that children don’t have to be trained separately to imbibe emotions of empathy, togetherness, concern, and warmth. As a part of the group activity, these emotions are likely to flow in on their own.

Moreover, when children step into the outside world, they realize the power of collaboration over competition and automatically get pulled into what is relevant and fruitful to their existence.

Healthy Conversations:

By now, we all know about the importance of communication in a person’s life, irrespective of whether the focus is on one’s personal or professional space. For the longest time, communication was all about throwing in a monologue or two. Amidst this, what used to happen is that a person in authority kept giving directions with a group of followers blindly following the words of the leader. In this case, empathy and emotional connection had absolutely no role to play.

However, with time came transition and transformation, something that is currently witnessed in the world of conversations and communication. Monologues no longer stand a place in the society we live. The only thing that exists is a dialogue that supports two-way communication from all the parties involved.

Be it during school days or beyond, healthy conversations continue to be mandatory, something that is boosted by one’s ability to freely display emotions, vulnerability included, and also be empathetic towards every involved person in the conversation and the situation as a whole.

Empathy and Emotion – The Two “Es” Every Child Must Know

At Excelsior American School, one of the Best International Schools in Gurgaon, we have observed that most educational institutes are bent on pushing children into becoming academic geniuses who have the syllabus mugged up at the tip of their fingers with their report cards flashing As and A+ grades all throughout.

No doubt, this is important, but this isn’t everything. Academic excellence is not the only goal children should be made to run behind. Schools, teachers, and parents need to look beyond the obvious. In fact, efforts need to be made to offer children a look into the practical side of things while not forgetting to develop a sense of empathy and strong emotional connections among children.

Children need to know that as social animals, they have to hold on to one another and move collectively towards the bigger goal, where empathy and emotion join hands to guarantee lasting success and greatness. Of course, some amount of work is required, but the results will leave you stunned.