The Right Way to Handle a High-Demanding Child

The Right Way to Handle a High-Demanding Child


Demanding children are commonplace. In fact, yours might be too. You see, there are many reasons behind this sort of behavior, the most common of which are advertisements through various media outlets. These advertisements are very attractive and present their products by methods too enticing for children to resist. Some examples include ads for toys, chocolates, snacks, gaming consoles, and other frivolous things.

However, no matter what, “Kids will be kids.” At one time, you were one as well. Didn’t you make unreasonable demands to your parents back then? Of course, you did! However, as we all know, giving in to too many demands spoils children, especially if the demands are unreasonable. They may develop many bad habits, the most common being a sense of self-entitlement. As responsible, concerned, and loving parents, you would never want this to happen. Would you?

So, if your child isn’t a demanding one, you need not worry. However, for those who have highly demanding kids, we at Excelsior American School, ranked among the best schools in Gurgaon, have brought forth some solutions that will come to your aid in curbing your children’s demands. Let’s read on!

Stamp Your Authority as Parents

Since you are the adult here, you must take matters into your own hands when handling your children. Take control from the very outset. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Encourage Them to Watch Educational Material: Most children love recreational media such as cartoons, superhero movies, etc. Such content promotes buying frivolous materials such as toys, video games, etc. The easiest way to avert this is by minimizing exposure to such content. Encourage them to watch educational content on television channels such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and History Channel. This will ensure that they’re “learning when they’re watching.”

However, an important point to note here is that you shouldn’t restrict entertaining content completely. Just limit it. For example, enforce that if they watch TV for two hours, they mustn’t spend more than half an hour on such content.

  • Don’t Cave into Too Many/Unreasonable Requests: Keep them reminded that they should maintain a polite tone when asking for something. Drive in the fact that they must earn it but be respectful. For example, if they want to go to a local amusement park, tell them they must earn the right to go there by doing their chores regularly and working hard on their studies. This act will teach them the concept of Value. However, when you see a marked improvement in their studies and behavior, comply with them. Remember, your child may resent you if you don’t keep your word. As a parent, nothing is sadder than this.
  • Don’t Yell or Hit Your Child: You won’t get through to your children if you yell at them too much. They go into a shell and act out in unsavory ways. Even worse, they might end up underperforming in life as it hampers their self-confidence. As far as hitting is concerned, it is entirely unacceptable. It’s a punishable offense and is strictly forbidden per the Indian Constitution. But as a parent, that’s not the worst. Like the last point, your child will resent you in this case, which is something none of you would want to happen.
  • Handle Things Respectfully: As parents, you’ll expect your kids to respect you. However, you must do the same for them. Whenever they make unreasonable demands, tell them why it’s not a good idea to comply with them every time, respectfully and calmly – remember you’re the adult here. If you follow this protocol, they’ll respect you and listen to you every time.
  • Let Them Know the Consequences of Bad Behavior: Times will come when your children must be made aware of the consequences of their actions. For example: If they get into regular fights, or misbehave with elders, take immediate action by taking away certain privileges, such as TV time, playtime, or canceling their allowance. However, in case of fights with other kids, ensure to call the other kid’s parents, letting them know what happened. Once again, don’t resort to striking your kid in this case.

Concluding Words of Hope & Encouragement

As parents, your kids are your future. As such, you certainly wouldn’t want to take a backseat when it comes to helping them transform into respectful and contributing members of society. As such, one of the few steps you must take to mold them the right way is by helping them curb their desires if they are unreasonable. This will aid them in having a happy and contented life going ahead. Hopefully, this article from Excelsior American School, one of the best schools in Gurgaon, will be helpful to you in this regard. We’ll always try to put forth content to help you raise a caring and successful child. See you in the next post!