Understanding “Math Phobia” in Children

Understanding “Math Phobia” in Children

Math is indeed one of the most feared subjects among children all over the world. In fact, the fear is so strong that many kids simply give up even before trying. It isn’t uncommon to find children trembling in their boots at the sound of Maths, or rather say, Maths Exam. Through this article today, we at Excelsior American School, positioned among the top schools in Gurgaon, would just like the children, as well as the parents, to know that we understand!

We understand if you fear the subject. We understand if you find yourself in a fix whenever you open your Maths book. It happens, and it is basically because you are carrying within you what is called the Math Phobia. In this article today, we will shed light on what exactly this Math Phobia is and how you can help your kids get over the same. So, let’s read on. Shall we?

Is Math Phobia a Real Problem?

Math phobia is basically defined as the condition where an individual is scared of the subject of math so much that he/she begins feeling stressed and anxious as and when presented with any Math problems. The primary cause of Math phobia is a belief or, rather, a misconception that Math is a very difficult and complicated subject.

Some of the common causes that give rise to Math phobia in kids include:

  • Mental pressure and stress owing to tests and examinations
  • Fear of public embarrassment
  • Wrong way of teaching the subject

How to Help Your Kids Overcome Math Phobia?

Math phobia is more common than you can think. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your little one live with it. As a loving parent, you would never want that. Isn’t it? So here, we at Excelsior American School, one of the top schools in Gurgaon, have a few tips for you that will aid you in helping your kids shoo away their Math fear. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Show them an easy way to connect with the subject

You know what makes Math a special subject? It is the fact that it exists in our day-to-day life. Half a dozen eggs, 2 Kg sugar, five numbers of chocolates, etc. – Doesn’t these sound like very common things to you? They are! Thus, the best way to help your child get rid of the fear is to show them how they are already connected with the subject through their everyday routine. Begin by infusing some fun element into learning Math. For instance, make them count how many toys they have, how many fingers are there on their hands and toes, how many chocolates are there in the fridge and what if you eat two out of them, etc.

  • Introduce them to Math based games

Studies have revealed that there lies a strong connection between play and learning. When children engage in play wholeheartedly, there remains no scope for any fear or anxiety, and this is when learning happens in its most natural form. Apply the same concept here. Gift your kids some math-based board games, like Monopoly, Business, Snakes & Ladders, etc. It will help them ease into the process of learning Math as a subject.

  • Creative a positive environment around learning Math

One of the key steps in helping your child get rid of their Math Phobia is by providing them with a positive and lively environment where all they get is encouragement and nurturing instead of scolding and fear for scoring less. Yes, we know you have to be a lot more patient here, but try and understand, the purpose here is to get that unnecessary fear out of your little one’s mind.

In a nutshell

Math Phobia isn’t something you can let your kids keep holding on to all through life. As parents, you have to step in and help resolve the issue so that your kids no longer fear the subject and, instead, grow up loving the same.

However, you will have a very crucial role to play here. You have to ensure that you endow your kids with ample motivation and encouragement to delve into learning Math. Discuss with them how Math is a very useful subject and will come to their aid in whatever profession they choose upon growing up. See to it that whenever they are attempting Math questions, they know that they will not be judged. Help them whenever you feel they are getting anxious or are feeling too stressed out. Avoid shouting or spanking at all costs, as it will only add up to their fear.

We at Excelsior American School, one of the top schools in Gurgaon, are certain that if you keep hold of your patience and aptly follow the tips as shared in this article above, there will remain no scope for any kind of Math related anxiety for your child and all that you’ll see is a happy face and a confident smile whenever your child is presented with a Math problem.