Why Choose Younique?

Younique is a school for differently-abled children. who have special needs due to developmental disabilities. Our mission is to nurture and provide love, care, and educational help to all children with impairments, as well as therapeutic interventions. Every member of our team shares the vision and objective of empowering children to reach their full potential. Our organization's core values are transparency, trust, and learning

Learn And Play

At YOUNIQUE, learning is a fun experience. Children learn myriad of skills while engaging in story sessions, puppet shows, circle time and much more.

Nutritious Meal

We serve freshly made nutritious meals to our students so they stay on top of their health.

Expert Therapists

We have a team of dedicated therapists to address the special needs of our children.

Holistic Environment

Our curriculum supports students as they ‘learn to learn’. One on one support ensures every student has an uniquely tailored learning experience.


The Most Fulfilling & Nurturing Schooling Experience in Gurugram

Student Teacher Achieving Remarkable Success Together

To provide our specially-abled fellows with the right guidance to step into the outside world, our group of Younique therapists designed the STAR Program.

Regular Assessments, myriad of Educational Programs, Social Communication Program, Inclusive Activities, Therapies, School Readiness Program & much more fall under the umbrella of our STAR Program.


Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration

It involves the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities of individuals.

Art Therapy

Art therapy enriches the lives of individuals through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship.

Communication & Speech Therapy

Speech therapy techniques include articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and others depending on the type of speech or language disorder.

Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a physical education instructional program based on a comprehensive assessment, to give the learner the skills necessary to enhance physical fitness & wellness.

Social & Life Skills

Social Life Skills are tied to an individual's interpersonal skills. This service helps with one's ability to problem solve in the moment, read social cues, or ask or explain what is needed for one's self.

"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much"

We help your child learn crucial life skills in a holistic learning environment guided by our YOUNIQUE experts.
Star Program uses evidence-based instructional practices; designed to meet the individual needs of students at various developmental levels.
Be rest assured, we only incorporate age appropriate toys in your child’s daily learning environment.
In case of hurdles/emergencies, get expert support from our trained counsellors.
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About the Educators

Our Educators

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio (1:1) at YOUNIQUE to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs.

Our Campus


Take a look into our day to day life here at YOUNIQUE