About Us

Younique is a special needs school for children with developmental disabilities. Its mission is to nurture and provide love, care, and educational help to all children with impairments, as well as therapeutic interventions. Every member of our team shares the vision and objective of empowering children to reach their full potential. Our organization's core values are transparency, trust, and learning.

Evidence Based

Younique’s customized curriculum emphasizes social-emotional learning, communication, functional literacy and numeracy, and daily living and vocational skills. To enhance students’ holistic development, these learning domains are complemented by the expressive arts, adaptive physical education, and Co-curricular Activities

Younique is an Evidence-Based Practice, which means that research-backed proof, our clinical expertise, and your child’s values and preferences are at the heart of everything we do. We stay current on the most relevant and evidence-based research available and integrate these therapeutic models into each individual child’s goals. Some evidence-based tools we use:

  • Sensory Integration
  • DIR/Floor time
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Younique at Excelsior American School is committed to providing an integrated learning environment to students with special needs. The unit is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated special educators, occupational therapists and school counselors, art therapist, physical therapist and ABA therapist who work closely together to create meaningful and equitable access to a specific curriculum, specially designed for the child. It works in close coordination with the parents to support the students. The learning center acts as a full-fledged support system, catering to the needs of students who have any form of developmental disability.

The center ensures all students who require learning support provisions (including all aspects of intellectual, emotional, physical and social development) are identified at the earliest and provided the remedial support appropriate to their individual needs and ability. Considerable attention is paid to the students’ overall development and progress. It is Younique’s aim to completely assimilate each student into every aspect of school life and to develop the students’ self-esteem in the classroom and through school activities.

Curriculum planning is done through an Individualized Education Plan which covers all aspects of development: cognitive, physical, social-emotional and communication. Children with additional needs, have access to the school’s nonacademic curriculum with support and participate in all school activities and events.

A team of professionals devise the same, suiting the child’s needs and ability to absorb and apply the information given to him/her. The Unit is child-centric but follows the system of inclusive education, which means that the children are a part of all the activities of the school. Along with guiding them in their academics, they are also groomed in other quintessential aspects. This combination allows them to simultaneously excel in academics and co-curricular fields, which render them capable of fulfilling their goals.