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Admissions Procedure

At Excelsior American School, we are happy to support you and answer all your queries related to admissions.


Our admission process is systematic, efficient and straight-forward for all applicants:


  • Parents may call the school and take an appointment to meet with the Head of Admissions. The admission Manager/front office executive will get them the requested time of appointment.
  • Parents may walk into the school between 9 am to 5.30 pm on all working days including Saturdays. They can read the school literature available in the school lobby. They can be emailed information relevant to their child at their request.
  • The application for admission is accepted by the Head of Admissions after a preliminary interview with the parents and interaction with students applying for admission.
  • A School tour of all classrooms, sports building, and available facilities will be provided to the parents post the discussion with the admission team.
  • Along with parent interaction and admissions head mutually agree on the enrollment of the child. Parents are required to fill out the admission documents and make the payment.


If a student is accepted, a formal admission offer shall be sent to the parent along with the Parent-Student Handbook. The parent must send a formal acceptance of admission as confirmation, within a week of receiving the admission offer, to the school office.

    • The prospectus, which contains the admission form, must be purchased by the Parent/ Guardian, filled with compulsory information sought in certain areas and parameters, and submitted to the school. The form is available to students from all nationalities, besides, of course, students of Indian origin.


    • The parent/guardian next proceeds to fill out the admission form that requires, majorly, the penning down of the intrinsic features of the child’s personality. It is of pertinent importance to the School that the values and principles, directions, and parameters within which the child has been nurtured are revealed.


    • The form must be submitted to the Administrative Department of the School. It is checked that all the details are duly filled in and the parent/ guardian profile is reflected as well.


  • The coordinator of the department in which the child seeks admission, namely Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School, and High School is contacted with the details of the child

Parents Are Required To Fill Out The Requisite Forms As Listed Below:

  • Admission Form
  • Registration Form
  • Identity card Form
  • Transportation Form (If Availed)
  • The following documents are required along with the Admission Form: For Applicant:

    • 4 Passport size photographs
    • Photocopy of date of birth certificate or passport
    • Photocopy of Visa and FRRO (for international students only)
    • Last two/one year (s) academic report
    • Certificate of Merit (if any)
    • Transfer Certificate (T.C) or previous school leaving certificate
    • Aadhar Card of the student
    • Immunization record / medical certificate For Parent:
  • For Parent:

    • 2 passport-size photographs of each parent
    • Photocopies of passport, Visa, FRRO (for international passport holders only)
    • Copy of proof of residence in India
    • Aadhar card of parent