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Embark on a transformative journey with CBSE School as we proudly announce the launch of the CBSE curriculum in the academic session 2024-25. Rooted in our commitment to excellence and innovation, this curriculum is a fusion of the nationally recognized CBSE standards with cutting-edge international pedagogy, all underpinned by a robust foundation in the growth mindset philosophy. At the heart of our teaching and learning philosophy we believe in nurturing resilience, embracing challenges, and cultivating a passion for lifelong learning. Our educators are dedicated to instilling a growth mindset in every student, empowering them to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential


EAS proudly announces the launch of CBSE Wing from the academic session 2024-2025 with

Focus on Application-based Learning

CBSE curriculum emphasizes application-based learning.

Standardized Curriculum

CBSE School In Gurugram follows a standardized curriculum

Wide Range of Subjects

CBSE offers a wide range of subjects, including vocational courses.

Availability of Study Materials

CBSE provides study materials, including textbooks.



Mrs. Geeta Sachdeva

School Director

Ms. Vithika Rahul

Vice Principal