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School Admissions

At Excelsior, we encourage in our students an affinity to embrace the challenges, opportunities, comradeship and satisfaction that is part of life at Excelsior.


We accept students from all parts of the world into our school community. To ensure smoothness of this process, we accept admissions throughout the year to facilitate students from different international locations when they relocate to Delhi NCR. We follow a well-laid out admission procedure to guide prospective students and parents. We have also integrated our admission process into the website.

Furthermore, the Admissions Team would love the opportunity to talk you through the application process and to give you a tour of the school’s facilities.

Parent – Student Handbook

The Parent – Student Handbook acts as a guide to facilitate prospective parents and students regarding school processes, procedures, rules and curriculum.


It is advised that parents and students go through this guide to familiarise themselves with the same, while applying for admission at Excelsior.

Behavioural Counselling And Life Skills Sessions

As a part of our holistic development approach towards our students, much-needed guidance and support are provided to them through their respective form tutors, regular life skill sessions as well as the school counsellor.


Holistic development is a practical approach to a comprehensive learning system where the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of a child are taken care of. This style of education not only focuses on mere learning but also on implementing what is learnt.


The main aim is to provide a ‘scaffolding’ in the areas of academic achievement, emotional and social development and other areas where the child may be struggling. To support children in their struggles, a well-qualified, full-time counsellor is available during school working days. Excelsior understands the importance of producing productive and well-adjusted individuals for tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, we provide both individual (need-based and customized) and group counselling sessions (life skills) for our students throughout the academic year. The focus areas of these sessions are:

    • Individual and Group Counselling for Behavioural, Academic, Emotional, School related problems or Adolescent struggles.


    • Educational Counselling pertaining to Time Management, Organizational Skills, Effective Study Techniques, Enhancing Memory and Concentration Enhancing Exercises
    • Workshops, Orientation programs for students, teachers and parents for Anger Management, Stress Management, Handling exam stress, Setting boundaries and building healthy relationships.