Our curriculum is an amalgamation of Early years foundation stages with American Montessori setup and structure of our classrooms. A well balanced, skill development and interdisciplinary approach guides our objectives of a child friendly, stimulating and engaging curriculum.

Our curriculum is play-based with plenty of opportunities for the children to engage with activities and experiences. Our curriculum emphasises on :

  1. Developing the unique child.
  2. Building positive relationships (with adults and children).
  3. Enabling the environment for learning.
  4. Learning and development.

Individual Progress And Development

Structured activities and experiences are planned to enable each child to experience fun learning.

Learning By Doing

Children learn the best when they are involved. The equipment and materials used in classrooms are easy to handle and accessible to the children.

Social Emotional Learning Activities

Children engage in activities related to developing values and skills that make them responsible and sensitive. A supportive environment helps children develop confidence and form positive relationships

Expressive Arts

Learning happens through play by linking concepts with art, music, dance, drama and physical activity. Emphasis is on a balance between indoor and outdoor activities.

Developing Communication Skills

Children’s back-and-forth interactions from an early age form the foundations for language and cognitive development.’ Children learn to engage in effective communication with peers by articulating thoughts and ideas, enhancing one’s vocabulary, pre-reading and pre-writing skills.