Throughout time, human beings have always banded together to form communities. May it be because of commonalities such as geographical, social, economic, political or religious identities. But in today’s day and age, thanks to technology and advances in communication and transportation, human beings are more linked on a global scale than ever before.

In today’s day and age, for a holistic learning approach, a student’s Emotional development is just as important as his or her Intelligence Quotient. In fact with changing times, it is safe to say that the development of a student’s, Emotional Quotient has gained prime importance. With this realisation, it becomes prudent for schools and institutes to inculcate a focus on such development in their curriculum.

It’s not always easy to know how and when to step in as a parent. Most children today use technology a lot differently. They’re able to learn things and gain exposure to topics in an instant. Today’s devices enable children to be connected to the Internet constantly. In fact, their knowledge of the digital world can be intimidating to parents.