Psychology says that beyond learning through reading and writing, audio and visual cues are the next best thing. Though the three may not necessarily work similarly for each student, it is universally understood that these three mediums are primarily effective and definitely keep things interesting as well as the study stress low. Hit a boring patch in a lesson? Now that you know how to study smart, there is no reason you can’t make learning much more interesting!

Children face many challenges since the day they are introduced into the modern real world. But as they go through life, developing social skills and interacting with the world around them will always be a critical part of their success, happiness and their ability to become a productive part of a modern society. Some kids are naturally more socially adept than others.

There was a time when August 15 was an exceptional day. Waking up early and preparing ourselves for the flag hoisting ceremony used to fill our hearts with enthusiasm on a different level. From playing patriotic songs to talking about freedom struggles, the fervour of patriotism would ignite everywhere; in schools to peers and amongst students.