It’s not very often when parents have to make a choice between day-schooling and a boarding school. At times, it’s the circumstances like parents’ job transfers which force them to look out for boarding facilities in the school. But nowadays, parents tend to choose it consciously over the traditional methods. This is to provide […]

  Moving places along with school-aged children never seemed easy. There could be endless anxiety involved before making the big leap. You might worry if your child will be accepted in their new school? Will this change cause an impact on their academics or overall well-being? And so on… The road will be full of

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  The Indian education system is going through a massive transformation. Revolutionizing the face of education, EdTech startups are focusing on STEM labs, integration of AI and using devices for innovation. Know more about how IB schools in Delhi NCR are providing modern education in India. The young generation of students demands more than the

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Millennials grew up in close communities with no smartphones and less of “Intertainment”. Their childhood was all about spending evenings on the streets with their friends playing outdoor games. Today, young kids are usually glued to screens, animated characters are their best friends and outdoor games are seldom played. Birthday parties have turned into an

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The International Schools in Gurgaon with pre-school education have shown the profound positive impact on the holistic development of a child. Pre-schools set the foundation for learning, physical as well as cognitive development in a child. The benefits are more than just these three.  1.    They Learn to Become Social: Toddlers are comfortable in their

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