How to Choose the Best International School for Your Children?

Shifting from one country to another is both fun and challenging experience. Choosing from a list of international schools in Gurgaon is one of the most important tasks. You will definitely want the best education standard possible in an ideal location and school where your child can make friends, settle well and be happy. A lot of expat parents feel overwhelmed before throwing their child in a whole new school system and new city. Here are the important considerations to choose the best international school –


The application procedure in your favorite school is very important to consider. A lot of international schools have queues and some schools won’t allow joining in the middle of the academic year. So, you need to keep track on the application process before you fall for their appealing extra-curricular activities or great exam results. Stay informed about any documentation and application deadlines. Be sure to prepare all the paperwork in advance. International schools also require grade reports and new students even have to pass entrance exams. Start your search for school a year in advance of your move if possible.

Fee Structure

Cost is the major determining factor when it comes to choosing an international school. If budget is your concern, keep in mind that annual fees don’t reflect the total cost of education. A lot of schools have an extra enrollment fee for the first year and the annual fee also rises each year. If you have employer cover for such fees, you can have more flexibility. You still need to consider overall annual cost. School fees also vary around the world.


After looking at all the international schools as per your budget, the curriculum of the school is your next priority. First of all, let’s talk about languages. English is the most common language of communication in international schools. If your children don’t speak in English, look for the school offering program to get them recover in time. Also consider lessons for local language for the nation as well. Ensure that the teachers are native and fluent speakers of the language. You also have to choose a curriculum.