Should You Look for IB Schools for Your Children?

These days, parents can choose from plenty of curriculums for their children. You are no longer limited to Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) or Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

International Baccalaureate or IB schools in Delhi and NCR are internationally recognized to offer three education programs –

  • Primary Years Program (PYP) – KG to Class 5
  • Middle Years Program (MYP) – Class 6 to Class 10
  • Diploma Program (DP) – Class 11 and Class 12

Founded in 1968, the IB program was started by a non-profit education organization, International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. IBO is not associated with any specific nation and it is also free from any national boundaries.

IB vs. CBSE – Is IB only for intellectual children? Can a normal child join the IB program?

IB program is application based and more practical. It is known to have broader subjects focused on all-round development.  IB exams test knowledge of their children, instead of their speed and money. The IB program is focused on learning what your children like, not what they should learn.

There are no textbooks prescribed. Students have freedom to choose what they want to learn. IB is focused on producing international citizens. The IB program often uses the local curriculum as a foundation. For example, the IB diploma program adds Hindi as a secondary language. However, IB curriculum is considered to be more complex than ICSE and CBSE. But it is challenging in quality of projects, not on work.

What about recognition?

IB education is known to have high standard and rigorousness. IB diploma is recognized by all the colleges and universities worldwide as a vital entry credential and excellent academic program. In May 2004, more than 50000 students joined the IB program. International Baccalaureates is rated higher than CBSE, NIOS, ICSE and State boards by the Association of Indian Universities. Stray incidents may find it hard to seek admission in some Indian universities and colleges every now and then.

Is it possible to enroll in IB Diploma after schooling from any other board?

It goes without saying that PYP, MYP and DP go in a sequence. But one can enroll each of them independently though. For example, a CBSE student can enroll 10+2 level qualifications at IB Diploma rather than Class 12 ICSE, State or CBSE board.