Slapping Kids Does More Harm Than Any Good!

Slapping Kids Does More Harm Than Any Good!

If there is one thing every parent desires, it has to do with inculcating discipline, manners, and good behavior in their children. However, on a few occasions, despite best efforts, children tend to go against the teachings of their elders and end up misbehaving. As quite understandable, this behavior does not go down quite well with the parents, who then take it upon themselves to take disciplinary action. In a bid to do so, parents might, in the spur of the moment, end up raising their hands on their children.

Though the intention of parents isn’t to hurt children, no parent should ideally engage in such acts. Wondering what makes us say so? Well, it’s based on the experience that we at Excelsior American School have gathered over the years as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Gurugram, which we will be sharing with you all today in the form of this blog post.

Makes you Inapproachable:

The last thing you would want as parents is for a barrier to be created between you and your children. When you slap your child, you end up inviting this barrier.

When you slap your child, your child is likely to assume that all forms of misbehavior are unacceptable to you and might end up attracting anger and punishment in the form of beating from your side. This would lead to your child hiding information from you also on occasions when they are in trouble, and they have created trouble.

To avoid finding yourself in this position, make it a point not to raise your hand on your child. Instead, find kinder ways of dealing with tough situations in which you tend to lose control over your reactions.

Creates a Rebel:

We at Excelsior American School have observed that some parents assume that slapping children is one of the best ways of dealing with bad behavior. What is even surprising is that parents think it is a ticket to children not repeating misbehavior. However, what happens here is that they end up overlooking the other half of the story, which has to do with making the child so rigid that slapping and beating stop affecting the child altogether.

The need is to understand that what you have done here is created a rebel who will no longer be hesitant to display bad behavior.

Makes You Question Your Parenting:

At the Excelsior American School, we have come across countless such parents who have felt burdened and guilty about raising their hands on their children. This is because encounters like slapping a child are mainly spur of the moment reactions with the absence of enough thought behind them.

This, in turn, is likely to make you question your parenting skills and abilities. To avoid finding yourself in this rather uncomfortable situation, we recommend that you, as parents, invest time in yourself and engage in activities that will help you to stay calm in otherwise pressure-backed events and circumstances.

Moreover, it is high time that parents understand and realize that slapping a child will never work as a permanent solution to a child’s misbehavior. Hence, finding alternatives and alternating between different methods is a wise thing to do.

Confuses the Child:

Let’s say you are an adult working at ABC firm. You show up every day and put in your best efforts. Suddenly, one day, your boss walks up to you and hands you a pink slip. You are asked to leave the organization without being told or explained about the thought behind the decision. This is likely to leave you confused with no proper direction about the way ahead.

Slapping a child is more or less similar. Say your child acts in a way not acceptable to you. Now, instead of reasoning out with your child and differentiating between right and wrong, you decide to raise a hand on your child. The problem here is that harm is already done without explaining the “why.” This would eventually leave the child confused and in a state of shock. Do you think this can ever be a long-lasting solution?

Shuts Down the Child:

Slapping is likely to shut down your child. By shutting down, we are referring to the child going into a shell and being unwilling to open up to others around. He/she may turn into an introvert who is skeptical about being open to the world. Don’t be the reason behind your child turning into one.

Final Words:

All this while, if you have been living under the impression that by slapping your children, you are disciplining them, you may have to think again. In fact, we at Excelsior American School, regarded as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Gurugram, would like to urge you that no matter what, raising your hand on your children is never a solution. Not to be used as a last resort as well. Instead, focus on speaking it out with your children or give time to understand their side of the story. Remember, a wise reaction on your part is the only way to help your kids grow wiser.