The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Progressive Education

The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Progressive Education

A vast majority of the global population has taken traditional education and managed to become widely successful in different areas of life. While the conventional teaching approach was well-suited for previous times, it isn’t relevant for 21st-century kids. The world has advanced by leaps and bounds, demanding individuals who aren’t merely academically sound but perfectly stable – mentally, emotionally, verbally, and more. The need to raise well-rounded individuals has triggered the massive shift from traditional to progressive education.

At Excelsior American School, ranked among the best cambridge school in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that the need for progressive education in today’s world is all the more prominent because it equips children with all the skills needed to navigate life’s complex challenges effortlessly. Instead of confining students to textbook pages alone, this approach encourages them to delve into real-world problems and become active explorers driven by curiosity. The core subjects remain the same, but the increased focus on fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, hands-on learning, creativity, and other life skills makes the entire learning journey more enriching and rewarding.

This sudden radical change in teaching approach might raise some eyebrows, but it is for the highest good of today’s children. While progressive education has various aspects, creativity and innovation are its strongest pillars. They are the engines that propel students’ overall growth and development. If you’re curious to explore how creativity and innovation fit into the progressive education puzzle, read the below-mentioned highlights.

  • Enabling Problem-Solving with a Twist

Unlike traditional education, progressive education isn’t based on rote memorization and information regurgitation. It eliminates the rigid constraints of standardized learning and introduces individuals to a new world where problem-solving takes center stage. We at Excelsior American School have embraced progressive education because it enables students to actively engage in their learning process instead of being passive knowledge absorbers. 

Following this approach, our students have learned to become the co-creators of innovative solutions by thinking beyond conventional boundaries and cultivating critical thinking, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of real-world challenges. When used diligently, creativity in problem-solving can become a student’s most potent tool for preparing for the unpredictable demands of the future. 

  • Instilling Deeper Learning Through Exploration

One of the best parts of progressive education is that it brings children closer to purposeful exploration instead of making them rely on memorization-focused methods. This unique approach eliminates the gap between theory and practice, helping children engage more with the subjects they’re learning. In progressive classrooms, learning is not confined to textbooks; it unfolds as a dynamic journey where kids learn to actively apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. 

For example, picture students immersed in a science experiment where they’re not just reading about chemical reactions but actively mixing compounds and observing outcomes. This hands-on exploration fosters a deeper connection to the subject matter, transforming students into active participants in their learning journey. It’s not about passive absorption but igniting curiosity and instilling a lifelong love for exploring the intricacies of the world.  

  • Fostering Collaboration for Collective Genius

Active and meaningful collaboration is a cornerstone for cultivating collective genius in the progressive education landscape. Unlike traditional settings that may prioritize individual achievement, progressive classrooms foster an environment where students actively engage in collaborative endeavors. 

At Excelsior American School, we have implemented progressive education in the true sense of the term, where even the subjects like History transform into vibrant discussions and collaborative investigations. Instead of solitary tasks, our students work together, analyzing primary sources, debating diverse perspectives, and constructing a shared understanding. This collaborative approach not only enhances interpersonal skills but also nurtures a collective intelligence that goes beyond the sum of individual contributions. It’s a shift from isolated learning to a shared journey, where diverse ideas converge to form a collective genius that prepares students not only for academic success but for the collaborative challenges of the real world.

  • Supporting Expression Beyond Textbooks

Progressive education liberates students from the confines of textbooks, encouraging expression beyond traditional boundaries. Rather than being restricted to passive absorption, children become active creators of knowledge. In this scenario, classrooms become dynamic spaces where ideas find expression through various mediums like art, technology, or hands-on projects. 

Instead of relying solely on written assessments, students learn to showcase their subject understanding through diverse forms of expression, unleashing creativity. This approach not only recognizes the multitude of talents within a classroom but also allows children to discover and embrace their unique strengths. 


In today’s dynamic landscape, progressive learning has emerged as a transformative force, weaving creativity and innovation into the very fabric of tomorrow’s leaders. While traditional ways of imparting education appear more comfortable, the evolving world demands a radical shift in the approach.

At Excelsior American School, regarded as one of the Top cambridge schools in Gurgaon, we believe progressive education is not a rejection of the past but a deliberate evolution to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving for accelerated growth and development. So, if you, as a parent, are ready to embrace monumental progress and equip your kids to thrive in an evolving environment, choose progressive education for your kids over the traditional one. It will bring them closer to a brighter and more rewarding future.