Message from Our Founders

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Message from Our Founders

“Every child carries a strong learning capability and inquisitiveness that has no limits. We believe that students should be nurtured in such a way that they are able to express their thoughts and actions freely so that they can align themselves towards achieving greater horizons.

At Excelsior American School, we encourage ‘learning by experience’ so that students can explore the thrills and uniqueness of out-of-the-box creativity and problem-solving skills, and most importantly, learn and absorb knowledge.

We take it as our determined responsibility to raise and inspire young champions of true grit, who will lead the world into a better future. Hence, every part of our school is weaved uniquely to instil the qualities in students which would build them in character, strength and knowledge. We would say that it is nothing less than a privilege to nurture young minds and make them future-ready, because they are indeed the future of our society.


Mr. Hersh Kumar

Mr. Hersh Kumar is a visionary, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, educationist and a motivational speaker. He believes in the concept of a “self-inspired child”. Hence, Mr. Hersh has established one of the finest education systems for children in the United States and India. Truly, he is an educator with a difference.

Mrs. Rita Kumar

Mrs. Rita Kumar is a renowned professional educator and entrepreneur, who has created a childcare education program that focuses on the concept of self-inspired learning. She believes that children should enjoy the learning process and that the learning environment should adjust to the needs of the child.