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Message From The School Director

Excelsior American School’s philosophy is based on the principle that each child will achieve their personal best in all areas of their development! Children are like flowers, they blossom when nourished with love and care. At Excelsior American School, we believe that each child has qualities that will help the child to become like a sweet smelling flower so that he/she can add value to environment around them.

At Excelsior, education involves the development of self inspired children. It is important for all children to acquire skills that will help them survive and grow in the society. It is also equally important for them to help the society grow along with their individual growth. And that is why we encourage our students to be intellectually curious and morally strong.

Excelsior being an international school with students from diverse cultures, our students learn sensitivity and respect for different religions, traditions, languages. Students get a unique opportunity to truly engage with and learn from others who may be different in myriad ways, including national origin, socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, or disability status. Our students work independently as well as cooperatively, learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. All this takes place in a multicultural environment that embraces diversity and teaches children to celebrate their cultural heritage as well as of others!

As they are gently nudged to grow into responsible and compassionate global citizens, the school emphasises on every student being honest, fair and ethical. Their confidence in their own convictions will give them the courage to stand up for what is correct as they face the tough challenges of today’s competitive world.

A child’s school should be an extension of their family, providing a safe environment in which they can explore ideas and feelings. Excelsior is a closely knit family that allows it’s members to bond and care for each other.

I wish all members of the Excelsior Community a very constructive and a happy year ahead!