The Sheer Vitality of Providing a Global Perspective to Today’s Children

The necessity for 21st-century children to be capable enough to empathize with their counterparts has never been bigger. They need to assess varied viewpoints and cultures, know how events around the globe are intertwined, and resolve evils that rise above the borders.

Just look at the incomparable flood of refugees, including the children, from the areas wrecked in the war and still suffering from violence in the Middle East and Central America; or, recently occurred hate/violent attacks enthused by terrorism and hatred in Orlando, Paris, Brussels, Yemen, Istanbul; or the current menace of fatal and destructive Corona Virus and also the older viruses such as Zika and Ebola bouncing across borders! All of them exemplify how intertwined the human race is today. As such, connecting the youth of today with the globe is one footstep toward a crisis-free-planet!

At Excelsior American School, one of the best international schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe one must be acquainted with what a global perspective is in a practical sense. A global perspective is a wide-range lens through which one observes the surroundings. It outlines how you see and be aware of your own identity and uniqueness and also the identity of persons you intermingle with, along with some beginner knowledge about what goes into determining culture. Thus, the global perspective is a significant and comprehensive subject that seeks to educate children about the human surroundings around them.

Global perspective entails the under-mentioned frameworks:

  • Attitudes

This incorporates:

  • approval, admiration, and ingenuousness for diversity
  • being receptive to a variety of points of views
  • consciousness about the cultural and experimental controls that form one’s own and others’ points of views
  • understanding the societal accountability
  • a wish to improve the human state on a home and international scale
  • reflection of individuality of self and one’s own culture and having openness for cultural diversity as well as the culture of others.

  • Knowledge

This points towards:

  • the aptitude to be familiar with global problems and being up to date about current events
  • awareness about international interdependence, i.e., how global events have an effect on the local environment and vice versa
  • the course of globalization and its local and international socio-economic effects
  • understanding of world history, culture as well as geography

  • Skills

These comprise of:

  • the capacity to read, speak, write, and listen in additional than one language or multiple languages
  • communicate across linguistic limitations and cultural confines
  • the aptitude to team up with others who have mixed linguistic, ethnic, cultural, social, and economic upbringings
  • imagining decisively and systematically
  • capacity to resolve problems
  • to act upon matters of international significance.
  • Last but not least, global perspective also entails inter-cultural associations and problem-fixing skillfulness, essential to prevent the hate that seeds terrorist assaults, by productively putting together culturally and linguistically varied masses into classrooms and society and resolving health and ecological emergencies.

At Excelsior American School, one of the leading international schools in Gurgaon, we believe that an essential facet while discussing global perspective is how and why global perspective is significant or beneficial for children. So, come and let’s dig deeper into the matter in the section below:

  • Children require a global perspective in order to contribute as considerate, connected, and efficient inhabitants of the world.
  • Educating children about global matters genuinely and accurately can teach them about recognition and acceptance of others as well as their cultures.
  • Today, a child possessing global competence is branded as a “21st-century skill-master”, a perfect fit for employment in today’s global market. Hence, it can be said that the global perspective provides one with a sure-shot ticket to a competitive career and a spirited future.
  • Global perspective assists in day-to-day communications with others as well.
  • It allows children to sense added understanding as they find out more about a variety of lifestyles.
  • It makes children grow into healthy listeners, additionally tolerant, and more sympathetic.
  • It offers children the basic skillfulness required to live and work in today’s inter-twined world.
  • Having a global perspective allows the kids to gain from others. It also helps them grow as human beings in varied and novel ways.
  • They feel super ready and eager to build a viable, calm, all-encompassing planet for the upcoming future ahead.
  • It aids students to brace up their associations with others across the globe.
  • It also offers them ample prospects to open up their trades and businesses at the global level.

At Excelsior American School, one of the topmost international schools in Gurgaon, we understand why having a global perspective is indeed vital for today’s children, and thus, practice a pedagogy that aims at global education, which opens a global dimension for our pupils.

We are firm believers in adopting a holistic outlook in imparting education that assists our students in recognizing the intricate truths and practices of today’s world. We offer our students the chance to intermingle and team up with their counterparts from across the globe. We work day in and day out to widen their skills, info, ethics, and attitudes that will allow them to counter the dares and tests of an inter-twined globe.

Last but not least, we highly recommend a similar framework to be followed at their abodes as well. So, dear parents, whenever you can, kindly try and expand the confines of your town to demonstrate to these tiny builders of the future what a global perspective appears like!