Excelsior boarding is a landmark in terms of ambience, grandeur and comforts with luxury. For a child who receives international level education at Excelsior, his/her living standards and environment is especially taken care of.

Our boarding facility sees students from diverse backgrounds and cultures who come together and thrive as their differences are embraced and celebrated by our vibrant community of boarders. Our school offers boarding facilities for students from diverse nationalities adding it to the list of top boarding schools in Gurgaon.

Boarding students at Excelsior can choose between being a weekly boarder by spending the weekends at home or being a term boarder. The lush green surroundings, homely meals, separate girl and boy dorms with modern infrastructure and caring staff makes it comfortable for students and helps them adapt to Excelsior, making it a home away from home.


The boarding experience at Excelsior American School, one of the best residential schools in India, provides students the opportunity to develop life-skill needed for living independently.

The environment at Excelsior encourages students to grow into independent and self-reliant individuals. Bound by the boarding experience at this top residential school in India, students emerge well-equipped to face the many challenges and demands of life after school.


In line with practices adopted by best residential schools in India, the boarding complex has a Dorm parent who provides support and personalized attention to each student and helps maintain discipline.

To ensure that each student gets the attention it deserves, the dorm parent’s top priority is to know the children individually. Also, dorm parent regularly inspects the dorm rooms, study units and common-room areas, to ensure each child maintains neatness and personal hygiene. Very importantly, dorm parent provides a nurturing environment for children, and works closely with children that need extra support. Dorm parent also keep in touch with parents via email or telephonically, providing regular updates about their children’s welfare.


In order to keep students safe, the campus has 24×7 security with guards stationed at the front and rear gates and in front of all buildings.

The guards also regularly patrol the campus. To protect students from any untoward harm due to fire and such accidents, the school has installed fire sprinklers, alarms, smoke detectors at a regular interval which are routinely inspected. The school has put in place protocols for different scenarios and drills to deal with specific scenarios are also conducted regularly, which is why the school is also a great contender in being among the safest boarding schools in Delhi, India.