Person 1

Yu Chao


"As the parents, we are very pleasant to see our daughter become more confident and independent after joining the Excelsior American School. Every day when she returns back from school, we also always can see the smiles on her face. Thanks a lot for the teachers and school’s efforts and we would like to work together to give my daughter a happy and sunshine growing environment."

Person 2

Manasie Ahluwalia


"American Excelsior has been my partner in educating and nurturing my son and has restored my faith in today’s schools. Beyond the core education, the environment where it is achieved is imperative to a student’s growth; my son joined in Grade 10, I was worried about the transition, but it was the best move I made for my son."

Person 3

Pi Yulu


"Although we are new to this country, my child didn’t face any challenge in adapting to the new environment. He is really enjoying at Excelsior American School and comes home with positive things about the school, his teachers and friends. He is also coping well with the new curriculum."

Person 4

Jatinder B


"We are extremely pleased with the school’s quality of education, approachability of teachers, individual attention, facilities and support from the staff members. Excelsior provides an incredibly diverse and amazing learning experience. A sense of community exists between students, faculty members and administrators. Thank to team Excelsior for providing an exceptional learning experience and raising the bar in the field of education!"

Person 5

Mr and Mrs Kalahasthi


"We recently moved from London and it was a challenge to find a school that was similar to the one my son went to. When we saw Excelsior American School during our first visit we liked it and the interview process was methodical and head of admissions Ms. Pranitha went out of her way to ensure that Aditya felt comfortable during the interview process. We are very happy that we decided to put him in Excelsior American School forsaking some other bigger schools where he got admission as well. Right from the beginning we felt there was something special about this school, Adi is very happy and looks forward to going to school every morning. We feel since the class size is small each child gets a lot of personal attention and teachers are genuinely caring. We are also very happy with safety measures that are taken by the school at all times, be it the school pick up or drop off or that teachers accompany kids at all times during activities and school trips. The school has been extremely approachable and understanding in all aspects and we don’t worry when we drop him off at school and feel he is in safe hands and to us that is the greatest testimony that we could give any school. We feel it’s a hidden gem and Aditya is making good progress academically and his confidence levels have improved even more with the extra care and attention that he receives."

Person 6



I really appreciate your work that how you execute online classes with such small kids by their full participation during classes.
I have also get opportunity to watch my kid engagement and reaction during teacher explaining things. Sometime she show no interest and sometimes she is very reactive. I have also get chance to understand her emotional behaviour towards studies and make her understand when she is not able answer during session.

Person 7

Anshul Khera


Avyan has been loving the online sessions and looks forward to them. It also give us as a parent a direction for the child. Great initiative and the time is also just apt. It is difficult for such small children to be attentive more than 30 mins.
Kudos to the teachers for adapting so quickly and engaging the children.

Person 8

Sonali Rana


This is Sonali Mother of Vedant Sindhu (Grade-culture)
I would like to appreciate the efforts you all teachers put in to make success the idea of online classes. It’s not at all easy to engage such small kids for studies that took over the internet. These classes help us to know even better the understanding of our own child.
Studies and practical interactions both were the essential Part of classes. Studies get more interesting due to the way of teaching of Ms Geetanjili and Ms Raghuvinder.
Our children are blessed to have teachers like u all. Vedant enjoys his online classes a lot. Best of luck for whole team of Excelsior American Team.

Person 9



We parents of Suraaj most sincerely and from the very bottom of our heart thank you so much for being there with Suraaj on his birthday!
This is/was a threshold birthday where he is entering his adulthood and unfortunately, we could not be there with him. EAS has ensured that his parents’ absence will not stop him from enjoying his evening and he has had one of the most memorable birthdays of his life!

We are at a loss of words and adjectives to express our gratitude to you and the entire faculty of EAS!

Person 10

Saritha Divakaran


“This school has been the best decision that we have taken so far. It has everything which we have ever wanted in a school for our daughter. You are helping her grow up to be a strong and independent child. Thank you for everything.”

Person 11

Jossie M Perez


“This school has been the best decision that we have taken so far. It has everything which we have ever wanted in a school for our daughter. You are helping her grow up to be a strong and independent child. Thank you for everything.”