William Wordsworth has rightly said, “The child is the father of the man”. The learning capability and inquisitiveness that a child has within is far more limitless compared to a grown up adult. While grown-ups get tied down with the crowd mentality most of the times, children spend most of their time exploring the thrills of their out-of-the-box mind.

Choosing the right school for your child can be one of the toughest decisions ever. A lot of thought and analysis goes into it, because of the various pros and cons associated with the plethora of educational options available nowadays. There are various types of educational curriculum and teaching approaches, which make it a really huge platter to choose from. After all, should you enroll them in a state school, a private school, or into an international school? While all kinds of schools available to children offer their own advantages, international schools offer a more complete experience for their students, which can be beneficial for their future.

Nowadays, kids are exposed to a world which is highly tech-dominated. This is a boon when we think of their overall growth and development, but on the hand, it could be tiring when we think of matching pace with the rapidly advancing world. Since as parents and teachers we are the ones mentoring them in their career, we should be aware of the various ways to nurture them to become future-ready.

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) is a core element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a global high school qualification that serves as the perfect route to global education and career opportunities. Developed with a holistic outlook, the purpose of CAS is to strengthen and extend personal and interpersonal learning to students in order to equip them with the skills required to be successful in the increasingly competitive 21st century.